Our Seven Principles

Simple principles for a better life.

Restore at Carolina Park’s seven guiding principles serve as a map for us, our partners and our residents, all with the goal of enriching your life while enhancing your long-term health and wellness.



Being close to your kids and grandkids lets you share more of the moments that matter most in life.


A strong social circle built around shared interests and hobbies contributes to fun-filled days and a longer, happier life.


We are what we eat. A diet that’s both delicious and healthy helps you eat to live – not live to eat.


From scenic walking trails to the yoga studio to the pickle ball courts and pool, fitness will meet you on your terms.


Daily reflection alone or in groups fosters purpose, reduces stress and enriches the soul.


Even a long life is too short not to have fun. At Restore, you’ll find we’ve fun comes in a wide variety of flavors.


Having focus helps energize your days and give your life purpose. That can add years – good, productive years – to your life.